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Archery Lessons Increase in Popularity

Date Added: December 29, 2013 02:03:51 AM
Category: Archery

The nationwide archery lesson-provider website Archery Pro has seen an explosion of interest since the release of the Hunger Game movies. With two more films in the future, it looks like interest is just beginning. Khatuna Lorig, five-time Olympic participator and winner of silver and bronze medals, coached actress Jennifer Lawrence, who played Katniss. According to Lorig, the emphasis was on providing the basics to make the actress’s portrayal realistic and safe. Although Lawrence began as a novice who had never even held a bow before, she handled the weapon with professional precision after only fifteen lessons. The lessons centered on appearance: how to stand; hold a twenty-pound bow, which is heavy for a beginner; and how to align her face and the string. Rob Dunfey, founder of Archery Pro, has seen the many benefits of archery for young people, especially ten to seventeen-year-old girls. “Many young girls are drawn to archery because of watching Jennifer Lawrence in the Hunger Game movies. However, they soon develop a real love for the sport. I have seen visible changes – the girls increase their self-confidence and improve their social skills. Plus, they really enjoy competing.” Adults also have increased their interest in archery. Dunfey commented, “Archers of every age are participating in tournaments in larger numbers than ever before, and during NBC’s first week of the Olympic Games archery was the most-watched sport.” The Hunger Games is not the only movie to pique interest in archery. Younger girls idolize Princess Merida from Pixar’s Brave. Boys have a desire to emulate the arrow-shooting hero Hawkeye from the The Avengers. In addition, adult interest has been spurred by the T.V. show Revolution. Frequently, a family will request lessons. Dunfey notes that parents initially get involved when their children show an interest and they begin researching the necessary equipment and available lesson providers.” Archery is a perfect family sport since any age or skill level can participate and have fun.” The process of finding a lesson provider is streamlined by using Archery Pro. Not only has the increased interest in archery made advertising unnecessary for many lesson providers, some archery schools have waiting lists. “Although some teachers have to turn away prospective students, Archery Pro has classes available for those of all ages interested in taking up the sport,” Dunfrey said. Archery Pro connects students with talented, certified professionals providing lessons in 2600 towns all over the United States. Students can learn in their own back yard or in one of the many archery ranges springing up all over. Lessons for those ages four up concentrate on stance and posture, and how to aim and draw the arrow. Equipment is available for rental or you can bring your own. The future holds a great deal of promise for the sport of archery, and Archery Pro can help you master the fundamentals of the sport in only seven days of lessons. In addition, you can choose a time and place convenient for you. Visit their website to find out more about the sport of archery and enroll for lessons.
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